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Should you design improved innovation processes before implementing software tools or should you start out implementing software tools that claim to have best practice innovation processes built in? Join the conversation to discuss leading practices for enabling innovation transformation with supporting technology, as well as strategy, implementation and optimization of a system - from enterprise-level product lifecycle management (PLM) and product portfolio management (PPM) tools to simple spreadsheets. 

Q&A: The Art and Science of Selecting the Right PLM for Your Organization – Part 2

When taking the time to consider which PLM solution is right for your organization, retailers must consider the impact of implementation. Just as solutions vary by industry (see Part 1 of this series), your implementation plan must also be specific to the needs of your business and your seasonal calendar. Be sure you understand these challenges when selecting your solution and planning your implementation road map.

Q&A: The Art and Science of Selecting the Right PLM for Your Organization – Part 1

In today’s slow-growth consumer spending environment, companies must take market share in order to grow. Winning organizations differentiate by bringing stronger brands and better merchandise to market faster and cheaper with help from a Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution. Whether you’re a fashion, food or hardlines retailer or manufacturer, PLM success depends on asking the right questions to select a solution that best fits your company’s unique requirements.

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