What Gets Me Through Long Hours & Challenging Work

Summer Intern, Ryan Meader believes in fitness and surrounding yourself with good folks


My very first day on the client site, we didn’t leave the office until almost 11:00pm. Welcome to the world of consulting!  Contrary to what you might think, this experience wasn’t bad at all. I actually kind of enjoyed it. Looking back, I realize that two previously learned lessons came in handy as I got my first taste of the consulting world. 

Lesson One: Physical fitness breeds mental toughness.

I’m a big fan of CrossFit as a form of exercise because it routinely forces me to push my limits and endure no small measure of physical discomfort. CrossFit does this by having two fundamental workout categories: finish an exercise as fast as you can, or do as many exercise reps as you can within a fixed time limit. This time component introduces another element to all of your workouts: your mental ability to push yourself to your limit and not quit. Every time that you finish a workout, it builds your mental capacity to endure both physical and mental stress.  This increased stress tolerance is not only applicable to physical fitness, but also builds resilience in all aspects of your life (including working really long days on an important project for a client). CrossFit training helped me build the fortitude to complete tough assignments in the military and it will help me get through the challenges of consulting as well. 

PIctured in the banner is Kalypsonian and CrossFitter, Stephen Birtsas

Lesson Two: Any tough job can be endured as long as you’re surrounded by the right people. 

The late evening of my first day was spent with two other Kalypsonians, Tommy Mitchell and Stephen Birtsas. Despite the fact that both were physically sick at the time, neither complained about anything and were both determined to get the work done. I was motivated by the example they set and impressed with their dedication to the task at hand. I knew then that I had been staffed on a great team with people who shared the same drive and work ethic as me. I am continuing to learn that this kind of dedication to the client and the work is found in all Kalypsonians I have had the opportunity to work with.

I am excited to be part of such a great group of characters with character. This summer is going pretty great. 

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Ryan Meader

Ryan Meader

Ryan is a Senior Consultant with Kalypso and former Army Officer. When not helping clients deliver on the promise of innovation, he can usually be found climbing a mountain somewhere.
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