Top 10 Innovation Viewpoints of Q1 2012


Somehow, it is April already and Q2 has begun. To share with our readers our latest viewpoints on innovation, at the end of each quarter we will be publishing a list of the top 10 most popular viewpoints. You'll likely find a mix of newly published content along with some classic viewpoints that have proven they have staying power.

Which topics captured the most attention in Q1 2012? Check out the list below to find out.

  1. The Value of Open Innovation for B2B Companies - Michael Glessner
  2. Calling All Engineers: Beyond Form, Fit and Function - Lee Peterman
  3. Predictions for Social Product Innovation in 2012 - Amy Kenly and Jim Brown
  4. Pricing Is Not an Afterthought - James Weaver and Ankur Sood
  5. Healthcare Product Innovation: Key Trends and Success Factors - Andrew Nygard
  6. Complexity Reduction Part 3: SKU Portfolio Optimization and Brand Strategy - Mick Broekhof
  7. Healthcare Reform and Innovation: Get Ready for Change - Andrew Nygard
  8. How to Run R&D Like a Business - Chip Perry and Scott Gamble
  9. Top Strategic Goals of PLM: Why "Going Live" Is Not One of Them - Andreas Lindenthal and Amy Kenly
  10. 10 Proven Practices for Evaluating PLM - Andreas Lindenthal

What was on your reading list in? What topic(s) do you want to see us talk about in Q2?


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