The Power of Creativity and Innovation

Traci Stapleton is living the Kalypso values


Google images for “consultant” and you’ll get a screen full of suits and charts. If Kalypso would have fit that mold, I never would have joined, and I surely never would have stayed.

With a background in fashion product development, making the switch to consulting a couple years ago, I risked feeling stifled in the more corporate-feeling world of consulting—every airline mile could have taken me further and further from my old life of magazine tears, fabric swatches, and product samples. Leaving that life could have meant walking away from an existence of cultivating newness, of seeking and re-interpreting inspiration, of watching a vision come alive.

Instead, with Kalypso, I found myself walking toward work that has proven to be more creative, more inspiring, and more innovative than any work I had done before.

I have been more inspired working with Kalypsonians and our clients - people of passion and drive. I have felt more creative brainstorming with a cross-functional team of specialists, where each individual brings a unique point of view to the discussion. On every client engagement I’ve been on, it has been so rewarding to watch our collective vision turn into reality.

How do we do it?

We balance empathy with driving results; we define the gap between the real world challenges our clients face and leading practices. We ask: what is making them feel that they can’t do it any better than they do today? How can we help them go from, “we can’t do it that way because…” to, “we can’t wait to do it this way and here’s why…”?

We balance short-term pain with long-term gain; we define our vision and value potential with every engagement. We work with our clients to capture their definition of value and map a shared vision for the future. We make that vision our driving force to navigate through contentious decisions, and to ensure that every change - big or little - is backed with reasoning that is embedded in the original shared vision.

We embrace creativity. We keep our minds open, and we open the minds of others. We challenge; we push toward results. We consistently deliver great work, but we do it uniquely every time. We learn. We share. We harness the power of creativity and innovation.

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Traci Stapleton

Traci Stapleton

Traci brings over 13 years of product development and sourcing experience with a focus in process improvement, change management and product lifecycle management (PLM).
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