The Five People You Meet in a Hotel Lobby

Is anyone else seeing a pattern?


I’ve quickly realized that the life of a consultant involves lots of hotel time. As an intern with Kalypso this summer, I’ve already logged my share of hours snagging free Wi-Fi in the lobby - and it’s become evident that though there are plenty of folks who visit hotels, there are a few groups you’re guaranteed to see. Every time.

Other Consultants

You know them when you hear them. They are talking about airline rewards, profit margins, and all types of management nerdery. You can always tell, because they group in little clusters with Starbucks drinks and laptops. They are the best dressed in the lobby and do not have nametags like the conference goers do.

Conference Goers

They are always wearing name badges that don't stay on. You will usually hear them talking about the conference in the bathroom or near the Starbucks. I have encountered 500 math teachers authoring questions for the common core requirements, history teachers of America, the Sons of Job, etc.

Cheer camps, church camps, debate camps, band camps...

Try to stay away if you can. These high schoolers will be loud and order more Frappuccinos than you thought could exist in one place at one time. This makes for many annoyed staff members and other patrons of the lobby. Usually, they have matching band outfits or T-shirts describing what camp they are at. They all think they are hilarious.

Meeting Participants

Unlike conference goers, this is a more intimate gathering of people. Usually, these are groups from the same corporation holding a regional sales meeting or something similar. Different from conference participants, these people aren’t paying to be here. You won’t see them carrying around bags of schwag and they will wear different clothes.  

Annoyed Baristas and Staff 

Forced smiles abound - these people are just counting down until the minute they can clock out.  

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Regina Grogan

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