A Kalypso Journey: How I Came to Define Happiness

Reflections on my Second Anniversary as a Kalypsonian


I recently celebrated my second anniversary with Kalypso. I spent half the day interviewing candidates for a position we recently opened and, when I asked one of the interviewees if he had any questions, his comment motivated me to write this post.

“You seem very happy doing your work - and I want that,” he said. Then he asked: “On a scale of 1-10, how happy are you at Kalypso?'

I responded, “From 1-10, I’d say 12.”

His question got me thinking about how we measure happiness. If you read my Character with Character profile, you'll know that my idea of happiness involves Bali, Disneyland, love and food.

But the real question remains unanswered: as an employee of Kalypso and the Manager of the Monterrey Technical Center, I feel it’s important to define what metrics should be used to measure happiness in the workplace.

Recognition and Sense of Contribution

I’ve been given the opportunity to do what I like and I’m confident that it’s important to the future of the firm. That matters. I know I’m part of what Kalypso is trying to build and I’m recognized for it. This makes me value my work and encourages me to keep giving my best to my firm.

Defined Career Path

Every Kalypsonian has the opportunity to be a partner or director in the firm. There is nothing more comforting than knowing there’s a path for me to accomplish my professional goals. At Kalypso, they provide tailored career paths to every employee and communicate what is required to reach our objectives.

Work/Life Balance

This is a big benefit that many organizations promote but fail to accomplish. Kalypso is a people-based business – our people are our product. This is why we truly care about the growth of our employees. Our leadership knows that valuing Kalypsonians as whole people makes for a happier, more productive firm.

Personal Development

Build the house you want to live in is a common saying at Kalypso. There are many initiatives that allow us to grow and contribute outside of our client service obligations. It’s nice to have other activities to complement your growth. At the Monterrey Technical Center, we participate in two big initiatives that make me proud: Women In Technology and Kalypso Kares.

Firm Size

We’re small enough to consider Kalypsonians family, but big enough to serve Fortune 100 clients. I never tire of being amazed by the team in Monterrey; we have tripled headcount since I joined two years ago. And the growth hasn’t only been in numbers, but in maturity and experience as well.

As with any organization, Kalypso is not perfect; we're only 10 years old and there’s plenty to work on. But that is what makes the ride fun! There are always new challenges that push us to think and act beyond our capabilities. I am thankful for my two years at Kalypso and look forward to many more!

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Selvia Montemayor

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