Mick Broekhof, Tom Warren Contribute to New Innovation Book


Kalypso Europe founding partner Mick Broekhof and Kalypso partner Tom Warren continue to add to their growing thought leadership repertoires with their contributions to the new book Innopreneur: 101 Chronicles on How Circumstance, Preparation and Brilliance Advance Innovation (available now in paperback and Kindle e-book).

Book summary below:

The delivery of innovation is a business supernova. It’s the ultimate form of cumulative energy; an explosion of collaboration, a unifier of disparate activities and a creator of synergy among multiple areas of expertise. It’s  also a challenge—one that requires its practitioners to convince others that change, innovation’s defining characteristic, is not only good, but necessary.

Innopreneur: 101 Chronicles on How Circumstance, Preparation and Brilliance Advance Innovation is a collection of short and inspirational views from multinational executives, political leaders, renowned professors and in-the-trenches professionals on what it takes to become a successful innovator in daily life. Whether an experienced entrepreneur, a seasoned marketing or R&D manager, or one small person with a big idea and the know-how to bring it to market, you'll gain insight into what it takes to create something sustainable with long-term demand. What does it really take to deliver new products and services? These 101 articles will inform and inspire the reflection, action and reassessment at the heart of effective innovation.

Mick and Tom share their experiences on collaborative innovation and innovation strategy. Read what they and other innovation experts have to say and purchase your paperback or Kindle edition today (hardcover expected late December 2011).

All profits of the book are donated to the charity of microcredits to promote entrepreneurship among those with no or limited access to capital. For more information visit www.innopreneur.org.

Congratulations Mick and Tom!

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