KRUNCHing Across the Country

An intern's take on saying no tiramisu and yes to fitness on the road


During the academic year, in what I’ve now realized is the more “normal” of my schedules, I fit my workout time in after class, between classes, and occasionally before class when I’m especially eager (desperate?) enough to roll out of bed before 9:00am.

Like many people, I fall prey to late-night snacking and an insatiable sweet tooth, but I can honestly say that I love healthy food. I get excited about a salad bar, can talk about “massaging” kale more than most people want to hear, and would almost always choose a Fuji apple over a slice of cake.

I did anticipate some difficulty when it came to exercising on the road during my internship, but figured having a regular workday would make it easier to schedule. I mean, come on, what's more hectic and unpredictable than the life of a student?

Oh right, a consultant's. 

On my first trip to Dallas, my leggings and running shoes remained neglected and all too dry while I worked past midnight on the first day, and the droop of my eyelids on the second day dashed all hopes of making it to the gym.

My next trip to New York proved more successful. I made it to the hotel gym, used the six feet of extra space in my room for Pilates, and even woke up for a pre-work workout (definitely something that will take some adjusting to).

The transition hasn’t been easy, and will probably get more challenging at times, but there are definitely ways to make it work. We could probably all use a little help to stay on track sometimes, and that’s where Kalypso’s KRUNCH can be that little voice that says, “Get off your butt...put down the tiramisu!”

Kalypso KRUNCH is our internal initiative geared toward helping Kalypsonians get and stay healthy. Some of my fellow interns (Nati, Elyssa, and Regina) and I joined Jamie Lahiere to refocus the KRUNCH program and help Kalypsonians meet health goals and enjoy fitness!

Here are a KRUNCHer’s unsoliscited observations about staying healthy on the road:

  1. Bringing your own water bottle is great...except when there’s nowhere to fill it up.
  2. Plain Greek yogurt doesn’t exist in airports, hotels, or any small convenience stores.
  3. Coffee does not always help with the dread I feel when lacing up my running shoes.
  4. “No, I don't want to see the dessert menu.”
  5. Sushi does not sit well during elliptical sprints.
  6. Salads are your friend.
  7. Bed wins over gym on days beginning with a 3:00am wake up call.
  8. Pinterest helps brainstorm ways to make creative use of limited space/equipment (there’s a Kalypso KRUNCH Pinterest board!).
  9. Yelp is your friend when trying to find restaurants that are both healthy and can please a large group of people.
  10. Flexibility (and not the kind in your hamstrings) is key.

With the relaunch of KRUNCH, it’s my hope that we can discover more ways to make eating well and exercising on the road the first choice for Kalypsonians!

Shameless promotion: Join the Kalypso KRUNCH Facebook page here, and contact me or Jamie Lahiere about getting involved!

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