Kalypso Wins Intergalactic Consulting Award


April Fools'. Well, not entirely. We did win an award – and that’s no joke!

We are pleased to announce that Kalypso has been recognized as one of Consulting magazine's 2011 Seven Small Jewels. The firm was selected for our “explosive growth” and unique blend of innovation and strategy.

Working as leaders behind the leaders, it is part of our culture to save the spotlight for our clients, but we are allowing ourselves a few moments (okay, maybe longer) to celebrate and thank our hard-working team for this award.

So how did we get here? Well, it all began in a St. Regis hotel room back in 2003 when the idea for Kalypso was born. George Young and Bill Poston had identified a capability gap in the marketplace that was exactly the foundation they wanted to build a firm on - innovation, product development, and product lifecycle management (PLM).

But that wasn't all. They envisioned a firm that was defined by a common set of core values that would shape the culture and set it apart from other consulting firms. So, in 2004 they set out to create the world' premier innovation consulting firm - and never looked back.

And what a successful - and fun - seven years it has been. Having joined the firm in 2007, my four-year anniversary is just around the corner this month. In these four years, I have seen the firm grow in such remarkable ways - and couldn't be prouder to be a part of it.

We have built a tremendously talented team that lives and is guided by our values. From a revenue growth standpoint, we have grown 50+ percent every year except 2009, when we were all in the middle of that recession thing. Yet, we still grew 35 percent that year.

In a nutshell, this is why I believe Kalypso is a Small Jewel:

Innovation focus. We have an exclusive focus on innovation, product development, and product lifecycle management (PLM). Our vision is to be the world’s premier innovation consulting firm and the most respected provider of objective PLM technology advisory and implementation services. We work with world-class clients to transform the way they innovate, improving their performance, people’s lives, and the economies in which we operate.  This is a privilege and it is our responsibility to do it well.

Comprehensive capability. We have deep experience across all aspects of innovation including business and innovation strategy, process improvement, PLM technology, organizational effectiveness, and intellectual property management. Our set of capabilities is designed to help clients deliver on the promise of innovation, particularly as executives look to increase innovation and new product development investments in 2011 and beyond.

Platform for growth. Kalypso was built for future generations of partners. As a private partnership, we serve clients, not shareholders. We are a platform for professionals to grow personally and professionally by creating friendship, eminence, excellence and prosperity. Our model encourages each member of the Kalypso team –to take ownership of the practice and “build the house they want to live in.”

Leaders behind the leaders: The spotlight and glory of success is reserved for our clients. We invest in the long-term success of each individual, not just their companies. We believe that trusted advisors do not stop advising when the project is complete.

So a congratulations and a big thank you is in order to our entire team - our characters with character - not just for the Small Jewel award, but for all of their hard work in helping our clients to deliver on the promise of innovation.

Without their dedication there would be no award.

Congratulations, Kalypsonians!


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