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I found just what I was looking for: a high-quality global firm that cares about its people. A firm where you can develop yourself as a person and as a professional with the support of different programs and initiatives that allow you to design your own career path. A firm that encourages you to discover the best of yourself by exploring different fields using new tools and strategies.

As a designer it’s obvious that I really enjoy designing my career path. I’m allowed to create new paradigms and prove to myself that the only limits are limits I create. Recently at KARMA, Kalypso’s annual retreat, I was promoted to designer which proved that the path I’m designing is working for both me and the firm. In addition to progressing within the firm, I’ve also always had the goal of receiving a master’s degree in marketing.

Two months ago I moved to Boston to pursue a master’s degree in International Marketing. For the next year, I’ll split my time working for Kalypso and diving into my studies. Kalypso not only believed in my ability to manage the work, but they encouraged me to take this important step and live one of the firm’s values: passion for personal development.

Kalypsonians are engaged and passionate about what they do. I am lucky to be part of a team of fun and inspirational people who are just as excited as I am about my future and my career path. Working with the right people will always take you to the next level; every meeting, every project, every small chat can lead to your growth.

Passion, growth, trust and flexibility – that’s what Kalypso means to me. A passionate firm who is leading me to grow - believing in everything I pursue and allowing me to be flexible with the way I’m growing.

It just keeps getting better!

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Analilia Morales

Analilia Morales

Analilia is a graphic and industrial designer for Kalypso’s design team, focused on designing graphic and interactive content to deliver effective and creative projects.
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