Interning with Kalypso Revealed My Super Power

How becoming a Kalypsonian helped me discover my relationship with inclement weather


When I accepted an internship with Kalypso this summer, I was excited to acquire first-class consulting skills: but little did I know, I was also going to discover my secret power. It was on the fateful week of June 30th that I learned I was the untamed version of the beautiful and weather-harnessing Storm from X-Men.

I was on the connecting flight from Chicago to Pittsburgh for client work. While boarding the plane, CNN was reporting an incoming storm dubbed: “the July 4th Ruiner”. Just when I thought the storm would not affect me, dark, thundering clouds ominously invaded the airport.

Bam! Lightning bolts dropped a no-fly zone on Chicago O’Hare International Airport as flight after flight showed up cancelled. I had no choice but to “sleep” in the airport until they could put me on a 6:00am flight. I was next to a crying baby the entire night - not cool. By the time I arrived at the client site at 10:00am the next day, I was more than 12 hours behind the originally planned 7:00pm arrival.

But this storm wasn’t through with me yet...

I decided to take advantage of Kalypso’s alternative travel benefit to fly to Boston on July 2nd and ten minutes before boarding, my direct flight was cancelled because the July 4th Ruiner was still after me. Fortunately, I was able to rebook through Philadelphia and got upgraded to first class for free. Nice!

However, the storm caught up with me again in The Land of Brotherly Love. Fortunately, US Airways had enough and revolted against nature by flying me to Boston. Although I landed at 1:00am instead of the planned 6:00pm arrival, I was so glad to finally be in Boston that I kissed the ground.

Not literally.

Overall, I learned three important lessons from this series of unfortunate events:

  1. Clearly, I have the power to unconsciously summon storms - I just need to learn how to harness it.

  2. Misery loves company - I made two LinkedIn connections just talking about delayed flights!

  3. I am an attractive man - at least to storms.

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