Haiku of Thanks

Kalypsonians share what they are thankful for - in three lines and 17 syllables


Zach Friedman

The Best Holiday Ever
Apple Pie. Sweet Wine.
Giving Thanks. I’ll make it mine:
Sweet Family Time


I am one, for time being.
Awkward Turkey Day?


Choosing a Seat as a Teenager
Wait, whose seat is whose?
“It’s buffet, any you choose”
I’ll take one with booze


Joe Dury

Take time to reflect 
Acknowledging our blessings  
Showing gratitude


Sean Klein

Beautiful buffet,
Tryptophan innards betray,
Goodbye afternoon.


LK (Sean Klein'a fiancée) 

Awkward silence, that
Hooker story went poorly,
Dinner with in-laws.


Jamie Lahiere

A day to give thanks
For family, friends, health, and wealth
And spiked eggnog too


Amy Kenly

“We’re too full” we said
“Never eat another bite”
And yet here we are


Kasey Durbin

Turkey Toast 
Let’s bust out the rum
And toast the fallen turkey
“Thanks for the feast, beast!”


Amanda Rouse

To me, gratitude
is positive, uplifting;
I’m blessed and happy!


Molly Macneil

Dining rooms are norm,
But we do it different
Turkey at our gym.


Kendall Hawkins

Thanksgiving is near
Two whole days without working
George, please don’t call me
Great grandmother’s pie
I should probably run far
I will watch football
Seeing old dear friends
Wow, she has had two babies!
When did I get old?


Melinda Keller

Turkey and dressing
It is over-indulgent
Diet starts Monday


Traci Stapleton

Smooth go lives are great
Fresh donuts are also great
Happy thanksgiving


Cristhopper Armenta

A short day is not 
Enough time to give our thanks;
Do it everyday


David Miracle

Morning, noon, and night
Client calls, deadlines, spreadsheets
Give thanks for coffee


Selvia Montemayor

Family and friends,
Giving thanks reminds me of
How much I love them!


Stewart Batsell

If you are too young
To know music used to lie
Give thanks to Lou Reed


George Young

Cleveland is my home
The farm holds all the answers
Houston is my home


Reagan Pugh

Pause in the doorway
Time leaves the same way each year
Family remains
I saw the blade first
Then I felt it on my neck
I hate being a turkey


Zach Segundo

No travel week bliss
Clashes with consulting life
Mileage run taken


Bill Poston

I yam what I yam.
What I am is very stuffed.
Full of gratitude.
Gratitude, got lots.
Clients, colleagues, fam and friends.
Love you gobs and gobs.


Mike Friedman

Thanksgiving meal time
Celebrating love, life, health
Renewing the spirit

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