Krash of Kalypsonians


You look across the prairie and you see the buffalo scattered across the tall grass. The bison graze as a permanent speckling of brown against a light golden ground and even lighter sky above - and you understand, as they remain so intentionally, why a group of buffalo is called an Obstinacy. Obstinate against your eyesight and the horizon. Obstinate in their choice to be seen after so many have been forcefully removed.

And maybe down a stretch of road, closer to the power lines you see the small birds "at church", as grandmothers often say, lined up neatly on the wire. Down below, however, on a grounded log or mangled fence post are the ravens. Low enough to take a swift dive into the ditch where a lost one has stumbled, close enough to look into the eyes of the vulnerable. The ravens, when congregated this way are called an Unkindness. Or, as Poe might have liked - a Storytelling.

And the elephants are called a Memory, because they never forget.

The foxes can be called an Earth because their homes are the innards of the world.

There is a Lounge of lizards on the rock with sun between their scales and further on, catching the eyes of passersby is an Ostentation of peacocks.

The zebras, for alliteration's sake, are called a Zeal.

It seems every group has a name - a moniker to bring meaning to a time when they are gathered to bring understanding to the business they do as a unit.

Kalypsonians are a breed you may have heard of (or, simply heard) - they're the cackling ones, laughing their heads off and dancing. They're the ones who sing and play music and dream about being super heroes. The Kalypsonians - they're the ones who see the world. They create, they push themselves physically, mentally, emotionally. To exist within this group, Kalypso, is to see what isn't talked about and discover what isn't thought about. It requires creating something out of nothing, and then giving meaning to it.

It means being a real person all of the time.

Taking into account the force with which these Kalypsonians live and understanding the presence they have as a group - they are rightly known as a Krash. A Krash of Kalypsonians heard all over the world and felt deep on the inside. That feeling is the feeling of a group who is completely themselves, and terribly good at it.

A Krash of Kalypsonians - that's who you've been hearing about.

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Reagan Pugh

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