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I remember the first time I participated in a large, nationally sanctioned, professional competition in the sport of eventing. Eventing is the equestrian world’s equivalent of a triathlon. There’s a dressage phase that tests elegance and communication, a stadium jumping phase that tests precision and carefulness and a cross country gallop and jumping phase that tests bravery and speed. As I stood in the start box of the cross country phase of my first competition, my heart pounding as the official gave me my 30 second warning, time suddenly slowed down. 

In that moment, I thought about everything that had helped me get to this point, so I could achieve this lifetime goal. The trainer who coached me through my typical ups and downs, my husband who provided moral support and accepted the crazy schedule of his horse-obsessed wife and my amazing equine partner who was just the right balance of bold to my fear and experience to my greenness. In that moment I realized the fundamental importance of these partnerships. 

Throughout our lives, there are big, important moments where it suddenly dawns on us... “I can’t do this alone. I need someone with me on this journey.” Whether it’s getting an MBA, getting married, raising children, restoring a car, changing careers, competing in a sport or growing a business, there are thousands of things that we can only achieve through the help and support of others. 

The work we do at Kalypso is no different. We believe in a commitment to our business partners because there’s no conceivable way we can accomplish our goals without them. I recently sat in an internal meeting where we discussed the growth goals for a particular practice. The practice has achieved astonishing growth and is well ahead of targets for the year. As we reflected on the success and what brought us to this point, we realized that the relationships we have with our business partners are a key driver. We could not have achieved our goals without them. 

Remember that golden rule your mother told you – “Treat others as you want to be treated.” We treat our business partners as if they were our clients or our practitioners. We bring integrity and respect to our alliance relationships. We go to extraordinary lengths to help each other - without keeping score - and expect the same in return from the people we choose to do business with.

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Amy Kenly

Amy Kenly

Amy is VP of Marketing for Kalypso's Digital Innovation practice. She's an equestrian, a Red Sox enthusiast, and is addicted to Cheez-Its and Swedish Fish.
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