A Kalypso Journey: Joe Dury


Congratulations on your promotion to director, Joe!

Thanks! I’m honored to continue to serve Kalypso as one of the firm’s directors in helping our clients deliver on their innovation promise with my experience, knowledge and expertise.

How did you get here?

After over 25 years in high tech I joined Kalypso back in early 2006 as a senior consultant to work with and grow the electronics and semiconductor client base. I was excited to help grow Kalypso as a professional services firm, having had years of experience in my corporate career hiring and working with R&D and new product development (NPD) consulting firms. I knew I could provide input on what I liked and didn’t like about those experiences. Since then, Kalypso has helped me to thrive in the areas of innovation I love – working in semiconductors and intellectual property (IP) management. Now almost six years later, being part of the leadership and ownership team at Kalypso, I find it’s critical to reciprocate the mentoring and coaching I received both within Kalypso and with our clients.  

What does being a Kalypso director mean to you?

I appreciate the opportunity to help shape the firm’s growth plan, both in the clients we serve and in bringing on new people with the values and experience that fuel our ability to serve our clients with results that matter.

What areas will you focus on in your new role?

I will continue to lead our semiconductor practice and strive to guide clients with clear advice on innovation. Today’s pressures mean that companies must change, adopt and innovate quickly, or they’ll quickly become irrelevant and probably less profitable. I will help enable our clients to advance their NPD and time to market (TTM) processes and leverage their R&D investment to bring innovative products to market quickly and cost effectively. I will also look to grow our IP practice and expand our capabilities with new and existing clients.

Where is the most interesting town/city you’ve been for a client project?

I’d say returning to the New England area; I love the distinct four seasons of the greater Boston area, where my wife and I lived for 20 years prior to relocating to North Carolina (both of our sons continue to live there). There’s always something to do near Boston as it’s the “Athens” of the US with all of its college towns and the ever-exciting Red Sox. But I also enjoy the San Francisco Bay area since it’s the heartbeat of high tech.

What is your favorite Kalypso value?

Actually there are two favorites. The first is leaders behind the leaders, as we’re responsible for ensuring our clients’ success. At Kalypso we understand it’s about the client and not about us. This is so valued by those we serve, and there’s nothing like seeing the leaders we advise step up and get all of the credit! The other value is characters with character  which, simply put, keeps Kalypso unique and weird. Where else could you find such a diversity of innovators?!

Why is working in innovation exciting to you?

Innovation requires collaboration which fuels the energy needed to make that idea, project or product materialize from where it first begins as part of an ideation process, to the tradeoffs and dialogues needed as it matures through engineering development. Innovation requires both good management and excellent leadership - focusing on the business results and R&D processes, while ensuring the right people on the team can deliver results using these processes. Helping clients channel their teams’ energy to get their desired results is really fun!

In what ways have you grown professionally and/or personally at Kalypso?

The values of Kalypso are great; they’re truly part of the DNA of our organization. As part of this, the feedback we give and receive from one another creates a “culture of candor.” Personally, I have valued hearing feedback from both our team and client what we are doing well and what needs to improve. This method of continuous improvement allows us to build and remodel the house we want to live in. It’s stretched me to make Kalypso even better by developing myself and mentoring others on the team to do the same. All of this helps us our clients to meet their expectations and deliver on the promise of innovation!

Congratulations, Joe!

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Joe Dury

Joe Dury

Joe has over 30 years of industry and client service experience working as an executive and advisor at Fortune 500 companies to deliver results by combining strategic planning and implementation of new process and technology to transform the business. 
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