A Kalypso Journey: Adam Elboim


Hey Adam, congratulations on your promotion to senior manager! 

Thanks!  It’s a great firm and I’m happy to be part of the supporting cast.

What has your career path at Kalypso looked like? 

I started with Kalypso as a manager in 2008.  Over the past three years, I’ve been really lucky to get exposure to a broad range of clients – consumer goods, candy manufacturing, health insurance and wireless telecom.  In 2009, I got a unique opportunity to help a telecom client actually build a product in a new market and manage its roll-out through a joint venture.  Other firms preach hands-on experience, but I doubt that their consultants get to roll up their sleeves to the extent that I have.  Fortunately, Kalypso helped me to balance my role in a position I loved while continuing to develop me for promotion.  

What does being a Kalypso senior manager mean to you? 

I appreciate that at Kalypso, being a senior manager means having a voice on the Leadership Team.  I’ve never seen another consulting firm include non-partners in the decision-making.

What areas will you be focusing on in your new role? 

I’d like to expand our presence in telecom.  Mobile devices present such a great platform for innovation, and I think we’ve just begun to scratch the surface of new productivity now that people have begun to integrate the handset into their daily lives.  Internally, I’d love to be more focused on recruiting – we do such a good job at creating a unique culture that I’d like to see it continue.

Where is the most interesting town/city you’ve been for a client project? 

I’ve traveled to Seattle several times to meet with a joint venture partner.  I’ve been very spoiled – the weather has been great each time (with views of the surrounding mountains) and my joint venture partner owns a winery, so we’ve always had great seafood with bottles of his wine.

Why is working in innovation exciting to you? 

The great thing about innovation is that it’s always a positively changing force.  It’s not about what I’m cutting, it’s about what I am creating.  Innovation never gets old, and methods always change because the landscape and tools available for innovation continue to evolve. Platforms like the internet and processes like manufacturing lines have completely changed the ways we innovate.  I’m always looking to be part of that next innovation breakthrough when I can say “Remember the times before I helped invent XYZ?”.

In what ways have you grown professionally and personally at Kalypso? 

I’ve always had very candid feedback on my performance at Kalypso.  It works here since we’ve built a culture of trust, both internally and with our clients.  I find that I can grow and help others grow faster with clear and actionable feedback, and this has made me a better trusted advisor.

Congratulations, Adam!

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