A Day in the Life of a Kalypsonian

Success on your project team and adventures on the road


It’s 4:00am on Monday morning; while most people are getting a few more hours of shut-eye before the week begins, the consulting world comes alive. I contact my Uber driver extra early to get to the airport with enough time to grab coffee and pre-board the plane. After arriving at the client site, I jump right into early afternoon meetings, brainstorming sessions, and workshops. Long days are to be had throughout the week, but the payoff is incredible.

One of the most rewarding moments in my career was working on a large project team with the goal of streamlining a retail client’s line planning capability. At the time, I had enough knowledge about product development from prior experience, but line planning was a completely new concept for me. I spent many late nights doing online research and digging through archives of previous work Kalypso had done for other clients to bring myself up to speed.

Keeping up with the steep learning curve of understanding current state processes, organizational infrastructure, culture, pain points, and a vision for the future is refreshing and exciting work. It was rewarding to watch the entire process spanning all the way from developing a product concept to sourcing the materials for the final product come together. My experience day in and day out with this client enabled me to collaborate, execute, and communicate with stakeholders on my project to make the vision of the business come to life as we delivered on hard deadlines with quality solutions.

While there are long working hours and a high demand for constant travel, there are also many perks to living this lifestyle. When client work is finished for the week, Kalypsonians can take advantage of alternate travel on the weekends, which allows us to fly to another city in lieu of our hometown, or fly a friend to the city we’re working in. This is a huge benefit especially when you need to travel for long distance weddings, birthdays, holidays, and other special occasions. The frequent flyer miles and hotel points also add up, which make my vacationing nearly free! When I choose to leverage points on top of Kalypso's unlimited vacation policy, the options to travel the world are endless.

Working with Kalypso, I’ve discovered that hard work always pays off – both at the client site and in the form of world travel.

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Heather LeVan

Heather LeVan

Heather specializes in Information Management and PLM implementation strategy for Consumer Product Goods and Retail industries.
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