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Interning with Kalypso, by the numbers


New experiences make up a rich life...and internship. Nati Rodriguez's first day as a Kalypso summer intern involved lots of new experiences. By August, she's not only going to be a top notch analyst, she'll also be pro status at a few other things. 

Five: As in 5:00am – when my wake-up call actually happened

Four: As in 4:00am – when my alarm was supposed to sound

Three: Number of things I had time to grab when my hotel flooded

Two: Number of hotels checked into in one morning

One: Number of hotel carpets accidentally burned with iron

Zero: Number of vehicles in my possession after losing rental car

The night before my first day as a Kalypso summer intern, I stayed up until 1:00am to sign up for a trip to Patagonia. It was first come first serve application and the website kept crashing, so I did not complete the transaction until 2:00am. I slept through my 4:00am alarm but luckily was woken up by the taxi driver at 5:00am with just enough time to catch my flight.

On my Characters with Character questionnaire, I was asked what three things I would grab in case of a fire - but I never thought I'd actually have to make that decision in real life. But, when a 6:30am fire alarm sounded in my hotel – thankfully a gushing water pipe and not a fire – I decided on my iPhone, running shoes and laptop. They moved us to a hotel across the street so we could finish getting ready for the day.

I have not ironed in years; I use a steamer instead of an iron. The last time I used an iron, it was heavy and stood upright on its own. Apparently 21st century irons are light and can tip over quite easily if someone were to set it on the carpet. Oops.

I don’t own a car, rarely drive, and recently moved to a new neighborhood. Upon returning to Austin from a trip to the Houston Kalypso Klubhaus, I parked my rental car near my home. The next day I couldn't locate the vehicle and spent the better part of the morning calling towing companies and the police department before discovering the car was safely parked on a different street.

So far, my Kalypso internship has not only helped me develop my business acumen, but also alarm setting skills, emergency flood decision making skills, hotel moving skills, ironing skills and car locating skills. More than I could have ever asked for!

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