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On Demand Webcast: Transforming the Front End Of Innovation - A Kimberly-Clark Case Study

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Innovation is meant to deliver results. But for most companies, the problem isn’t finding new ideas; it’s finding the best ones. In this on-demand webcast, Cor Bosselaar, Director of Global Innovation Capabilities and Processes for Kimberly-Clark, explores the company’s process for improving their front end of innovation to generate bigger, better ideas for new products. Experts from Sopheon and Kalypso also share the “Top 10” consumer goods industry-leading practices for improving ideation and concept development.

Hear how Kimberly-Clark is:

  • Linking front-end processes and the insights uncovered in consumer research
  • Multiplying the business value of good ideas by increasing their reuse across countries, regions, or brands
  • Leveraging and building upon key learnings from the company's past -- without reinventing them
  • Adopting repeatable, consumer-centric processes for idea and concept development that are continuously improved

Originally published on May 24th, 2012

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