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Webcast Recording: Developing the Right New Products for Customers and Your Business

Webcast with Pamela Soin, Jim Brown and Dave Werner for CA Clarity

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Too often, new product development is driven by guesswork, assumptions or the loudest customer or senior staff member. As a result, many new products that make it to market don’t deliver the sales, customer value or business benefits they should.

Click below to check out the webcast recording with moderator David Werner from CA Technologies and expert panelists Jim Brown from Tech-Clarity and Pamela Soin from Kalypso to learn how your organization can leverage established best practices to make sound product investment decisions. The group also explores the Nova for PPM methodology in the Clarity platform. 

Originally published on March 11th, 2013

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Kasey Durbin

Kasey Durbin

Kasey is a marketing manager with Kalypso and author of The Modern Brander blog.
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