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Video Digest: Content for the Chief Innovation Officer

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Each year, Kalypso organizes the Innovation Officer Retreat, an event that brings together a diverse group of global innovation executives and is facilitated by recognized speakers and thought leaders. 

We interviewed each speaker to capture the essence of their presentation and practical steps for getting started. Here are the best interviews and some additional reading.

How To: Achieve Breakthrough Innovation

How do the most successful organizations achieve breakthrough innovation? They start by creating new perspectives of themselves, the consumer, the market or the industry. David Crosswhite and Peter Skarzynski of ITC Business Group share practical advice for getting started on your breakthrough innovation journey. Their tips will change your perspective!

How To: Drive Leaders to Embrace Innovation Change

Great innovation requires significant change, but it’s hard to drive change when there’s not a crisis or compelling reason. Kalypso partner, Mike Friedman, shares practical advice for Chief Innovation Officers who need to motivate people to change when business is good.


How To: Quickly Improve Innovation Results as the CINO

It takes a while to grow an idea into a commercially viable product. One of the quickest ways a chief innovation officer can drive early results from innovation is to characterize and shape the existing portfolio.


How To: Assume the Role of the Chief Innovation Officer

Innovation is not a part time, one-person job. It takes a team and a leader who understands the need to balance between the technical and commercial worlds. With the right balance and team, the chief innovation officer can produce real results from innovation.


How To: Develop Innovation as a Growth Strategy

Growth strategies are changing. When the options of expanding markets, investing in efficiencies and mergers and acquisitions are exhausted, what’s left? Growth from innovation. But ensuring a return on innovation strategy takes more than conviction - it is essential for the new Chief Innovation Officer to have a framework for approaching the challenge of growth.

How To: Design Your Innovation Organization

While it’s non-negotiable that all innovation organizations should be aligned to business strategy, there are a few models for developing such organizations that provide flexibility for chief innovation officers. Which model is best for you?


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Originally published on January 4th, 2016

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