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Ultimate Innovation Wish List - Treat Yourself in 2019!

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Bummed out because you didn't get everything you put on your holiday list? We have you covered!

Throughout the year, we highlight inspirational and breakthrough innovations from companies across the globe. We’ve picked out a few of our favorite InnoSalutes and Innovation Shout Outs from 2018 to help you find the perfect gift... for yourself! Treat yourself in 2019!









For the fashionista: 

Try Levi’s F.L.X. (future-led execution) technology jeans. Now you can add a personalized, distressed finish to your jeans through infrared laser-powered technology for that Instagram-worthy outfit.

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For the bride-to-be:

Design the perfect dress for your big day. Anomolie is a startup that allows any bride to personally design her own wedding dress with quality material while cutting major third party manufacturing costs.

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For those who aren’t 20/20:

Have you ever been overwhelmed by the typical optics shop or online retailer with endless racks (or pages) of styles, colors, and price points? Dresden has come up with a single unisex style of glasses that come in four sizes and a wide variety of colors for mix-and-match customization. 

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For the city dweller:

Adidas has created a unique footwear option that functions as a transit wearable. No need to juggle your morning coffee and metro pass anymore!

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For the art lover: 

Vans and Samsonite have collaborated with the world renowned Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam to create a collection of artfully designed products using Van Gogh masterpieces across their iconic and premium ranges from sneakers to luggage. 

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Originally published on January 7th, 2019

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