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The 3 E’s of Leadership

Envision, energize and empower your organization

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The most successful leaders implement the 3 E's: They ENVISION a path forward, ENERGIZE their people and ENABLE every part of their organization to act.

Transformational change efforts are not easy, but with bold leadership, companies are one step closer to successfully implementing their vision and driving bottom-line results from innovation.   

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Originally published on December 8th, 2014

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Mike Friedman

Mike Friedman

Mike brings over 35 years of consumer products management experience to Kalypso. As the Strategy & Operations practice lead, he focuses on leading development in the areas of sustainable organization capability, commercialization and innovation capability integration.
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Helayne Angelus

Helayne Angelus

Helayne speaks English, Spanish, Greek and Retail. With a closet the envy of many, her life motto is "Seize the Day! Take Some Risks."
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Paul Beck

Paul Beck

Paul brings over 32 years of experience in global consumer products and senior management leadership to Kalypso’s clients.
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