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Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) in Semiconductor


With the semiconductor industry’s daunting design challenges, accelerated lifecycles, and complex supply chains, it is no wonder that product launch dates, development budgets, and quality targets are frequently missed. To help understand the industry challenges and possible solutions, Kalypso examined the product innovation, design and launch processes of more than 25 leading global semiconductor companies. This paper reveals the results.

Originally published on November 11th, 2011

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About the Authors

Bill Poston

Bill Poston

For the past 30 years, Bill has helped executives in technology-driven industries transform their competencies to deliver results. He is a highly regarded consultant, speaker, and writer on the topics of innovation strategy, product development, portfolio management, technology commercialization, and the software systems that enable innovation. Keep up with Bill's latest research and thoughts on innovation and the rising role of the Chief Innovation Officer at
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Joe Dury

Joe Dury

Joe has over 30 years of industry and client service experience working as an executive and advisor at Fortune 500 companies to deliver results by combining strategic planning and implementation of new process and technology to transform the business. 
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