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Saluting RoRo for giving parents the gift of sleep. Lulla, the highly sought-after doll designed in Iceland, is more than meets the eye. 

Ambiguous in design to reach all genders and ethnicities, Lulla is helping restless babies sleep through the night. The doll was originally released in 2016, and since then, demand has skyrocketed. Users, mostly parents who reap the benefits of their children sleeping, have fallen in love with the features Lulla has to offer. Lulla is scientifically proven to lure babies to sleep with eight hours of breathing and heartbeat noises that mimic what is experienced in a mother’s womb. The doll’s heartbeat and breathing noises have also been proven to stabilize the heartbeat and breathing patterns of the baby while sleeping.

RoRo recommends that caretakers hold Lulla to their skin prior to giving it to their child to transfer their scent and imbue the doll with even more calming powers. Additionally, the doll is machine washable to keep baby's companion clean and germ-free.

We salute RoRo for creating a solution for a timeless problem for new families and putting a reasonable price tag on a priceless commodity - a full night's sleep. 

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Originally published on January 26th, 2018

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