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Maintaining the battery life on my phone is a constant challenge, especially with the amount of traveling I do. There are many times that I am unable to make it to an electrical outlet or much less be in one place long enough to get a complete charge.

Nifty, a U.K. based company, has designed a wearable phone charger that might just be the answer. The team at Nifty wanted to incorporate the concept into something we already wear every day, a belt. They’ve taken the latest flexible battery technology and concealed it in a strong, stylish belt with power to fully charge your phone at least once. The Xoo Belt looks like an ordinary belt, but actually contains 2,100mAh of battery capacity inside with a charging wire magnetically nestled against the inside of the belt.

The company started an IndieGoGo campaign in early November that runs through December 18th. While they’re launching a relatively small range of styles, they plan to expand rapidly. I will need one in every style. We salute Nifty for bringing together the idea of functionality, form, and fashionable simple design into our everyday wardrobe.

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Originally published on November 21st, 2014

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