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Saluting Innovation @ Graphene Frontiers

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Saluting innovation at Graphene Frontiers for pioneering a cost effective way to produce graphene. Graphene has always been too expensive to manufacture on a large scale despite its many extraordinary properties. Graphene is stronger, but lighter than steel and a fantastic conductor of heat and electricity. With the new production techniques developed by Graphene Fronteirs, graphene will be viable for use in a variety of applications.

Graphene frontiers is taking it one step further and using the graphene they produce to make a new line of incredibly accurate, sensitive, and portable medical sensors. Doctors can now diagnose diseases that used to take hours in a few minutes right in the office. Not only are graphene sensors more efficient and accurate but they are also less expensive.

We salute Graphene Frontiers for opening the door to endless innovation possibilities by making graphene easily available for use. 

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Originally published on June 19th, 2015

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