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Retail Innovation Shout Out: Zappos Opens Holiday Pop-Up Shop in Las Vegas


Zappos is opening a pop-up shop in Las Vegas for the holidays and will partner with OrderWithMe, a startup that manages supply logistics. The vision is that online and physical retailers will work together more adamantly to leverage each other’s strengths. Brick-and-mortar retail stores will stock product for online retailers in their back rooms to provide customers with same-day shipping. This cooperative relationship will also give mom-and-pop shops the ability to utilize large storage spaces of big online retailers without having to maintain all the inventory themselves.

OrderWithMe ensures foot traffic sales do not suffer from showrooming (where customers try on products in the store then buy on line for convenience or price) by installing a new touch-screen kiosk in stores. The kiosk allows customers to scan a barcode and search for products that are out of stock. When customers order from the kiosk, their purchases are ideally shipped to them the same day. This way mom-and-pop shops can continue to build personal relationships with customers without the trouble of handling inventory and shipping.

This collaborative pop-up shop takes advantage of the strengths of on-line retailers, and small mom-and-pop retailers to help solve their mutual challenges. On-line retailers can put stock in stores near customers, and mom-and-pop shops can focus on personal relationships rather than supply chain logistics.

Did you know Zappos has a large selection of clothing and not just shoes? The pop-up shop will enlighten customers about the extensive product lines.

This innovative collaboration will enable a new, integrated relationship between big online retailers, mom-and-pop-shops, and technology to give customers an improved retail experience.


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Originally published on December 11th, 2014

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