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Retail Innovation Shout Out: Telling a Story Through Retail


Story, a new retail concept in NYC is taking an entirely new approach to the retail format. Combining the experience of a magazine, art gallery, and retail store, Story curates an assortment of products around a specific theme and features them it in its 2000 square foot space for four to eight weeks before replacing the entire inventory and creating a new story.

The store’s current theme is “Style.Tech” and features a variety of products that leverage new technology and innovations. Shoes made from 3D printers are merchandised alongside a collection of products created with the help of Kickstarter funding. Shoppers can check out a digital mirror that takes pictures of its reflection as well as a high-tech faucet that creates custom drinks at the touch of a button. The newly reissued “moon boot” created by a partnership between GE, Android Homme and Jack Threads is also up for sale.

In addition to selling products, Story hosts events such as book launches and discussion panels in its space. The constantly changing narrative creates a sense of urgency for limited inventory and the gallery-like space and hosted events provide a form of entertainment to its customers.

At a time when brick and mortar retailers are struggling to remain relevant to an increasingly mobile consumer, Story provides an entirely new experience to shoppers.


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Originally published on September 24th, 2014

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