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Retail Innovation Shout-Out: Self-Cleaning Gym Bag


The frequent traveler's or backpacker's dream –a smart self-cleaning bag on the go that also cleans its contents. As the list of available self-cleaning products such as glasses, ovens, litterboxes, and toilets continues to grow, Paqsule shifts from material innovation to revolutionary cleaning technology.

Self-cleaning clothing has been on the rise lately, traditionally incorporating various textile innovations. Paqsule goes beyond material innovation, utilizing FDA approved sanitization technology already used by NASA and hospitals. The Paqsule's chemical free cleaning system works by combining UV-C light and activated 03 oxygen to terminate microorganisms, destroying germs, odors and bacteria. A rechargeable unit connects to an app on your smart phone that activates 15 to 35 minute cycles, making your clothes and shoes fresh and ready to wear again in no time. The cleaning unit requires no filters and features a USB charging port for your portable devices that can save you wherever you might be stuck, such as a bus or cancelled flight.

Whether it’s allowing you to pack lighter while travelling or destroying that after gym funk, Paqsule aims to keep your clothes clean so you can travel and train fresh at the push of a button. 

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Originally published on May 12th, 2017

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