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Retail Innovation Shout Out:  Retail-As-A-Service at Macy’s

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Macy’s has partnered with b8ta, a retail-as-a-service startup, to improve and scale their experiential-based concept, The Market, that launched earlier this year. The Market @ Macy’s is a new approach to pop-up retail, where new and existing brands can show off their innovative products and demo services and experiences in a premium location within the store. Brands are given space between 1-3 months which provides a steady rotation helping drive customers to the store by adding an element of discovery to the store.

By partnering with b8ta, Macy’s will be able to scale their concept faster while furthering the company’s goal of bringing more excitement and fresh experiences into the stores. The b8ta technology platform will provide brands a more automated experience when signing up to participate in The Market and will better manage the rotating brands and experiences keeping the pop-up fresh and unique for customers.

"At b8ta, we believe physical retail will thrive as a platform for discovering new products and brands. Macy’s was the best partner for b8ta to scale our pioneering retail-as-a-service model to a breadth of categories like apparel, beauty, home, and more. With b8ta’s software platform and business model, product makers can go from solely selling online to launching their products with Macy’s in a few clicks. Our platform makes it easy for makers to deploy, manage, analyze, and scale amazing offline retail experiences,” said Vibhu Norby, CEO of b8ta.

Macy’s partnership with b8ta’s ”Retail-as-a-Service” offering is yet another example of how retailers are innovating their business models to drive customers into their stores by improving the in-store customer experience.

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Originally published on July 12th, 2018

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