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Retail Innovation Shout Out: L’Oreal Brings Viewers Inside the Golden Globes

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Makeup artist Sir John, along with two additional L’Oreal Paris spokepeople, donned Snapchat Spectacles to capture the inside view of the Golden Globes. The wearers captured celebrities getting made-up and ready to walk the red carpet, as well as other views, and the videos were streamed via L’Oreal Snapchat. While the Spectacles have been in the market a few months, this is the most significant or widespread reach of a campaign utilizing the technology.

L’Oreal frequently makes headlines with innovative breakthroughs. Most recently, they have used Snapchat to promote their products by enabling customers to virtually “try on” their products using a Snapchat filter. While the Snapchat platform is most popular with millennials, the opportunity to tell a fuller brand story of the product offerings and their application is relevant to all consumers. At the same time, demonstrating the ability to capture these video streams is a win for the Snapchat partnership as customers look to the technology platform to capture their own behind the scenes footage.

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Originally published on January 18th, 2017

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