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Retail Innovation Shout Out: Amazon, Oh Amazon, How Lovely are thy Branches?

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I have driven my family crazy with this for many years, but as Halloween approaches, I am likely to break out in hives if my holiday shopping is not complete. Some years, I may push it to Thanksgiving for the cards alone (I haven’t given up that tradition yet), but the gift buying- teachers, bus drivers, neighbors, family, friends, gift exchanges, etc.- should be near completion before the Halloween candy is marked down.

The cutting down Christmas tree tradition was one my childhood family maintained, growing up in western PA near many hilly (and often very snowy) tree farms. Except for the hot chocolate, that was not a tradition I felt the need to maintain with my own family. In the early years, I sent my husband out to pick up a tree at the nearest mass market retailer. Later, I upped my game and sent him to whatever local option – farmer’s market, boy scouts, etc.- because (in my mind) they were equally convenient even if I paid a bit more to feel good about buying local.

While I’m not ready to give up the smell of fresh cut pine (though, let’s face it, White Barn and Yankee Candle would probably keep me fooled), I wouldn’t mind relinquishing the wrestling of the tree off the car, or just the effort of running out and then getting the tree from the car to the house.

Once again, thank you Amazon. Now, not only can I have all of my Christmas presents primed to my door long before turkey, I can have a fresh cut pine prime shipped, along with any Amazon Christmas décor of my choosing. This season, Amazon has begun to sell live trees ranging from two to seven feet tall, of all sorts of varieties.

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Originally published on September 19th, 2018

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