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Retail Innovation Shout Out: Carte Blanche Leverages Crowdsourcing and Local Manufacturing


As consumers, we have grown to expect new merchandise every time we visit a store, and impulse purchases often result. But do we really wear what we buy? Clothing companies are using valuable resources to rapidly produce new styles every month, while at the same time, 80% of what we own gathers dust in our closets.

Carte Blanche founder, Monica Noh, believes that "fast fashion" is an addiction that is not making us happy, and is bad for the environment. She wants to reinvent the way clothing is made by involving the customer at each step along the way – from sketch to fabric to fit – and then by voting for what is actually produced. The hope is that the final product will be something more consumers want to wear.

Noh’s approach has been termed "slow fashion." By spending time immersed in the design process, customers build an attachment to the product, and the clothing is sewn by local craftspeople in New York City.

From a business perspective, the model is more cost efficient. Gathering customer feedback throughout the process means resources can be directed to produce a smaller assortment of successful products, versus the need to overdevelop knowing you will have some winners and some losers. 

Carte Blanche innovates the business model and the consumer experience to create a win for retailers and customers alike. 


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Originally published on July 2nd, 2014

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