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Retail Innovation Shout Out: ASAP54 Makes the World ‘Shoppable’


It happens all the time – you see someone carrying the perfect handbag or wearing an amazing pair of shoes and you want to know where to buy them. But, after several attempts to type a description into Google to search for the item, you give up in frustration.

ASAP54, a new mobile phone app, helps users find just what they are looking for. The app combines visual recognition technology with a social community and a team of personal stylists. Users snap pictures of an item they are searching for, whether it's a dress seen on a celebrity or in a magazine, or even a print on a tablecloth in a café. The app searches for a match in the database or suggests a range of similar products, and the user can click through to buy directly from the search results. A team of personal stylists stand by for when the app fails to provide satisfactory results. If requested, personal stylists can manually search for the item and provide a response within 24 hours. The social networking component also allows users to follow each other to see what items are being searched for.

ASAP54 is an innovative search engine, which helps retailers drive sales, while at the same time better meeting the needs of the customer. As more and more retailers sign on and the database grows, the customer experience will continue to improve and likely drive better and better conversion. Retailers take note… ASAP54 is win for both buyers and sellers!

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Originally published on May 28th, 2014

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Sonia Parekh

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