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Retail Innovation Shout Out:  Aldo Optimizes Order Fufillment with Predictive Analytics

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Shoe retailer, Aldo, is taking on a new initiative in 2018 with the hope of upping customer experiences. The company has chosen Celect, a cloud-based predictive analytics platform, to improve order fulfillment and optimize inventory transparency. Celect uses predictive analytics to review customer demand in real-time and reports when store locations have more product than needed. This partnership will allow Aldo to use Celect’s “Fulfillment Optimization” platform to fill online orders through the most profitable path possible.

“The Aldo Group is setting a high bar for retailers of all types and is pushing the boundaries of innovation when it comes to optimizing inventories and online order fulfillment.” - John Andrews, CEO at Celect

Aldo will be following the lead of other retailers, such as Amazon, that are utilizing technology to enhance the overall shopping experience. The senior vice president at Aldo Group, Jennifer Maks, recognizes the opportunity ahead of Aldo. She states,

“Retail is in a transformational phase, and we are excited to continue our growth with Celect through advanced analytics and optimization. The fulfillment optimization initiatives put into place have proven extremely successful to date and have produced strong results for our company.”

Aldo Group is a multi-brand retailer that has much to gain through this partnership with Celect. In an industry where customer centricity is increasingly necessary, Aldo is taking the correct steps to ensure higher efficiency and customer satisfaction. 

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Originally published on July 5th, 2018

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