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To create truly affordable healthcare, hospitals need to innovate the process of providing care. Clear, actionable data enables physicians to make the best decisions for their patients and the hospitals, maximizing both quality and affordability of treatment. 

Physicians are trained to deliver the highest quality of care, not to understand finance. This presents a challenge for hospital administrators when it comes to purchasing supplies and equipment for medical procedures. The decisions doctors make about the tools they use in the operating room have a profound effect on a hospital’s financial performance.

To discover a solution, Kalypso partnered with the physician analytics group, Low Hanging Fruit, to understand how to educate physicians to deliver high-level care, while being good stewards of hospital resources at the same time.

After implementing Low Hanging Fruit at Mercy Orthopedics Hospital in Springfield, Missouri, the VP of Operations was able to drive unprecedented results from his physicians, improving bottom line performance and delivering improved quality metrics.

Hospitals need to seek new solutions for optimizing operational costs and, while physicians are not the single cause of the stress, they can be a significant part of the solution.  

Originally published on March 3rd, 2015

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William Seagrave

William Seagrave

William has extensive experience designing and launching high-value next generation business solutions. His career includes global operations in the high technology, healthcare, and consumer packaged goods (CPG) industries. William leads the Kalypso financial transformation innovation programs for healthcare providers.
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Reagan Pugh

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