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KNOW: The Future of Farming

Industrial Manufacturing

In the first installment of our new essay series, KNOW, we explore of the future of farming in a digital world.

The future of farming is happening now. Big data, machine learning, smart-connected equipment, the Internet-of-Things and autonomous technologies allow us to understand fields and crops at the macro level —and all the way down to a single row in the middle of a massive field.

But we need brilliant minds to develop the apps and algorithms that will understand the data from the autonomous tractors and drones, and then turn it into practical techniques. We need farmers to implement and governments to allow the future of farming.

Originally published on April 10th, 2017

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Ryan Whittle

Ryan Whittle

Ryan leads Kalypso's video production efforts from Los Angeles, CA. He likes rock n’ roll, Bob Dylan, the Texas Rangers and the UT Longhorns. On the weekends you can find him at the local picture show.
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Jordan Reynolds

Jordan Reynolds

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