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I’m Thankful for: Google Maps

Consumer Goods High Technology Chief Innovation Officer

Just Google it! Sometimes it is the simple things that make our lives easier. 

I travel all the time, usually to new locations or ones that I visit infrequently. I am very thankful for Google Maps and the ability it gives me to travel with confidence everywhere I go. I no longer worry about finding my way. The days of traveling all over Los Angeles making sales calls using my Thomas map book are a distant memory. Now all I have to remember is to bring my car phone charger with me, as the Google app does drain the battery very quickly! 

Originally published on November 25th, 2014

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Mike Friedman

Mike Friedman

Mike brings over 35 years of consumer products management experience to Kalypso. As the Strategy & Operations practice lead, he focuses on leading development in the areas of sustainable organization capability, commercialization and innovation capability integration.
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