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Intellectual property (IP) is a key driver of growth, providing the foundation for product innovation and development. Join Joe Dury and Jerry Freeman as they discuss practical approaches companies can use to understand, manage, protect and leverage IP portfolios by developing an IP strategy that supports the business strategy.

Intellectual property (IP) is more than just an organization’s trademarks and patents. IP includes all the digital assets a firm has, including contextual information and intangible property that result from the innovation process. IP should be a stratregic foundation for the ongoing innovation process, which means it can't be relegated to legal teams. Leading companies link their IP strategy to business and innovation strategies, optimized by supporting business processes and software systems, to develop market-driven innovations.

Originally published on May 15th, 2013

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About the Authors

Joe Dury

Joe Dury

Joe has over 30 years of industry and client service experience working as an executive and advisor at Fortune 500 companies to deliver results by combining strategic planning and implementation of new process and technology to transform the business. 
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Jerry Freeman

Jerry Freeman

Jerry brings over 17 years of business management and management consulting experience across numerous industries including telecommunications, consumer packaged goods, utilities, financial services, retail and education. 
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