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Consumers still want authentic in-store experiences. The time for retailers to innovate is now.


Is brick and mortar retail dead? Laurie Miller (formerly of JC Penney, Nike, Apple and Disney) agrees that retailers must be strategic about their approach to online shopping to compete. But the best, she says, are continuing to give customers authentic experiences that can only happen in person.

Laurie Miller believes a good retailer is a consumer anthropologist. After building a 35 year career and an insatiable curiosity about the needs of customers, Laurie says that the most innovative retailers continue to focus on the basic need for human interaction and in-person experiences.

She currently works with start-ups to create new and disruptive omnichannel business models. Laurie has a passion for reinventing customer experiences to create new business opportunities.

Originally published on July 15th, 2014

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