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Infographic: 21 Innovation Imperatives for the 21st Century

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What will it take to compete and win in a dynamic, digital world? We’ve got 21 innovation imperatives to help you prepare, equip and evolve to compete and grow in the 21st century. 

Originally published on May 14th, 2017

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Topics: 21st Century, Capabilities, digital, Innovation, Organizational Structure, People & Culture, Social & Sustainability, Strategy & Process, Systems

About the Authors

Scott Siegel

Scott Siegel

Scott is a Director specializing in global product lifecycle management (PLM) and portfolio and pipeline management (PPM) system strategy, solution design, implementation and value realization. 
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Analilia Morales

Analilia Morales

Analilia is a graphic and industrial designer for Kalypso’s design team, focused on designing graphic and interactive content to deliver effective and creative projects.
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