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I’m Thankful For: GoldieBlox


I am thankful for GoldieBlox and the passion of their CEO & Founder Debbie Sterling to reinvent the "pink aisle” of toys. GoldieBlox engineering kits for girls have helped me to further connect with my two daughters (Gracie and Camila).

I got introduced to GoldieBlox in a recent retail summit where Mrs. Sterling was a guest speaker. She presented how each construction set teaches and demonstrates specific engineering concepts (e.g. hinge, wheel and axle, belt drive) by combining colorful materials, cool characters (Goldie and Nacho, Goldie’s dog), and a fun story to walk through the assembly process.

Gracie & Camila are always trying to help me assemble their toys or repair something at home. I’m an engineer, so you can’t imagine how proud this makes me. GoldieBlox allows them to develop their motor and spatial skills in a safe and fun way.

Originally published on November 25th, 2014

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Sergio Martinez

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