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I’m Thankful For: Faceted Navigation

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I go to and type in the word “Turkey.”


That is the number of product results that are returned. Thankfully, Amazon also presents me with options to immediately begin to pare down these results by selecting a department, a brand, etc. Once I commit to an initial filter criteria I am presented with new options to continue to refine my results to the products that are most meaningful to my current shopping purpose.

Firsthand experience and supporting statistics show that the ability to quickly narrow down and locate products hasa clear impact on customer conversion rates and online sales. Well designed faceted navigation includes characteristics such as global and product specific filters, dynamically updating filter options based on previous selection criteria or inputs, and focus on the usability of the filters (easily view the current filters selected, undo a selection, etc.).  

When I type in suboptimal search criteria that generates an unwieldy number of results, I have immediate options to eliminate products such as “Solar Dancing Turkey” or the “Fleece Turkey Costume” that are not part of my current shopping list.

Originally published on November 25th, 2014

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