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How to Design Enterprise Systems with the End User in Mind

Design Thinking Basics

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When designing and implementing systems it's easy to forget that real live people are going to use them. Use design thinking to drive adoption in each phase of an implementation to create processes and tools you’d want to use yourself.

​Why do we fall into the trap of creating processes and tools we would never want to use ourselves? The solution is simple: Design for understanding, design for adoption, design for the end-user in mind – and witness the results.

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Originally published on October 5th, 2015

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Topics: Design Thinking, Enterprise Solutions, People Centered Design, User Adoption

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David Miracle

David Miracle

David is a consultant with Kalypso.
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Trey Allen

Trey Allen

Trey brings over 24 years of consulting, management, and entrepreneurial experience to Kalypso’s clients. He has extensive experience leading strategy, operations, and enterprise technology projects for A&D, manufacturing and CPG clients.
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