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How To: Achieve Breakthrough Innovation

Practical Advice for the Chief Innovation Officer

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How do the most successful organizations achieve breakthrough innovation? They start by creating new perspectives of themselves, the consumer, the market or the industry. David Crosswhite and Peter Skarzynski of ITC Business Group share practical advice for getting started on your breakthrough innovation journey. Their tips will change your perspective!

Originally published on April 15th, 2015

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About the Authors

Peter Skarzynski

Peter Skarzynski

Peter Skarzynski advises large, global organizations on strategy, innovation and organizational change and is recognized as a leading expert in enabling renewal and growth by embedding innovation sustainably in large organizations. He is a Managing Partner and co-founder of ITC Business Group and has led and delivered strategy and growth work in Asia, The Americas and Europe.
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David Crosswhite

David Crosswhite

David Crosswhite advises senior leadership within large global organizations regarding their most significant growth challenges. For over twenty years, he has guided Global 1000 organizations in their implementation of growth and innovation strategies. His experience spans industries and geographies and includes serving privately held organizations, large multinationals and not for profit groups.
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