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Ultimate Innovation Wish List 2016

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Having a hard time with your last-minute holiday shopping this year? Fear not! We’ve compiled a list of some of the best new product and service innovations to help you out.

At Kalypso, we live and breathe innovation every day. Throughout the year, we highlight inspirational and breakthrough innovations from companies across the globe. We’ve picked out a few of our favorite InnoSalutes and Innovation Shout Outs from 2016 to help you find the perfect holiday gift for those you love.

Sculptek: For the yogi 

Help the yogi in your life achieve oneness with their workout wear. Athleta is launching a new line of technical products called Sculptek that offers a “360-degree stretch” to improve fit and better respond to the wearer’s movement so you'll forget you're wearing anything at all. 

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Raden suitcase: For the person always on the move

Traveling can be filled with fun and sometimes stress. Help ease travel pains with a Raden suitcase. Built-in technology features like a TSA-approved battery that can charge phones or other USB-connected devices AND weight sensors create a seamless travel experience.  

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LittleBits: For the aspiring techie

With LittleBits, anyone can be an engineer using their high-tech building blocks. LittleBits are a library of modular electronics that snap together magnetically to form sophisticated circuits.

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LifePaint: For the avid cyclist 

Keep your favorite cyclist safe with LifePaint. A highly-reflective water based safety spray, LifePaint ensures you are easily visible in the dark. You no longer have to worry about buying or wearing special reflective clothing.

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Dream jeans: For the fashionista who enjoys comfort

One of Lee’s new innovations is the Dream jean; it’s a skinny jean with the comfort of yoga pants. These jeans have stretchy denim that doesn’t sag in the seat or knee, and the waist area is lined with a soft knit material that is not bulky or binding. Perfect for those big holiday dinners. 

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Nike's HyperAdapt 1.0: For the Back to The Future lover

Great Scott! Marty Mcfly’s Nike shoes are finally no longer just an iconic prediction of how shoes might evolve in a future world. On November 28th, Nike introduced its HyperAdapt 1.0. Gone are the days of bending over to lace up your shoes.

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Originally published on December 19th, 2016

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