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Transforming the Front End of Innovation: Webcast Transcript

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Check out the transcript from the recent webcast "Transform the Front End of Innovation to Develop Bigger, Better Ideas: A Kimberly-Clark Case Study" (now available on demand) hosted by CGT, Kimberly-Clark, Sopheon and Kalypso. In this webcast, we heard how Kimberly-Clark is enhancing the front end of innovation to enable bigger and better ideas -- that drive bigger and better business results. Cor Bosselaar, Director, Global Innovation Capabilities & Processes at Kimberly-Clark, explored how K-C dramatically improved idea and concept development with a central, global collaboration process and tool.

We also heard Kalypso and Sopheon's "Top 10" list of industry-leading practices for improving ideation and concept development processes that can help consumer goods companies.

Tweets below are in order with the earliest tweet first and latest tweet last. Click "read next page" at the bottom of the page and read through the entire transcript. Click here to view the webcast on demand.

Originally published on May 6th, 2012

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Kasey Durbin

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