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Food & Beverage Innovation Insights: Using Creativity to Unlock Breakthrough Innovation

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Solving the food & beverage industry’s biggest challenges is going to require creativity. Innovation leaders should help their teams develop the creative confidence to openly explore and learn throughout the innovation process.

Creativity is not reserved for artists; everyone is inherently creative. For successful innovation, organizations must help their teams tap that creativity and cultivate the courage to use it. Creative confidence can be built and strengthened through continued practice and use.

Innovation leaders can encourage this process by helping their team to build a growth mindset, generate ideas, and prototype those ideas.

Originally published on November 30th, 2016

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Amber Lyons

Amber Lyons

Amber is a senior consultant working on the innovation results transformation journey for Kalypso clients.
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Ryan Whittle

Ryan Whittle

Ryan leads Kalypso's video production efforts from Los Angeles, CA. He likes rock n’ roll, Bob Dylan, the Texas Rangers and the UT Longhorns. On the weekends you can find him at the local picture show.
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