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Many business cultures are anti-innovation because they are built for stability, certainty and predictability. Leaders from the Rise Group give their tips for creating a culture where ambiguity and innovation are supported and accepted.

Many business cultures are anti-innovation because they are built for stability, certainty and predictability.

Without a supportive culture, unlocking innovation is very difficult because innovation inherently demands ambiguity.

Unless businesses create a culture where ambiguity and innovation are supported and accepted, innovation will be a constant battle.

Although it may feel uncomfortable at first, innovating will become habitual and easy if organizations make a commitment to overcome the barriers to creating an innovation culture.

Originally published on October 24th, 2016

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Amber Lyons

Amber Lyons

Amber is a senior consultant working on the innovation results transformation journey for Kalypso clients.
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Ryan Whittle

Ryan Whittle

Ryan leads Kalypso's video production efforts from Los Angeles, CA. He likes rock n’ roll, Bob Dylan, the Texas Rangers and the UT Longhorns. On the weekends you can find him at the local picture show.
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